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Pro Life ~ 40 Days for Life Campaign [September 28-November 6, 2016]

St. Rose High School families from Monmouth County can pray for an end to abortion and for the respect of all life. Parents and students can gather on the public right of way outside Planned Parenthood, 69 E. Newman Springs Road, Shrewsbury, NJ. For information contact Lillian Eagan at 732-610-7437 or

Liturgy and Liturgical Services

School communal prayer services follow the liturgical calendar. As a faith community, students, faculty and staff gather to celebrate on:

  • Opening School Prayer- September 8
  • Opening School Liturgy and Student Council Installation - September 23
  • Thanksgiving Liturgy - November 22
  • Advent Liturgy - December 20
  • Catholic Schools Week Liturgy- February 1
  • Vocation Awareness & Celebration Day- February 2
  • Ash Wednesday [Prayer services in LT during Religion Classes] - March 1
  • Holy Week Prayer Service - April 11
  • Mass of Thanksgiving for Top Ten - May 15
  • Ascension Thursday - May 25
  • Baccalaureate Mass [Senior Class 5:00 PM] - June 1
  • Senior Investiture [Class of 2017 only] - June 8

All Masses follow the 10:00 AM Liturgy schedule unless otherwise noted.

Liturgical Ministers

There are many opportunities for students to involve themselves in the celebration of liturgy and liturgical services at St. Rose High School.

Opportunities for involvement include:

  1. Altar Servers - At each Eucharistic Liturgy, the celebrant is assisted by members of the student body who volunteer to be altar servers. Although many of these students have served in this capacity in their local parishes, previous experience for this role is not necessary.
  2. Extra-ordinary Ministers – In order for the distribution of the Eucharist to flow smoothly and reverently, many students serve as Extra-ordinary Ministers. In advance, they are prepared by the Campus Minister to perform this special ministry.
  3. Cantors and Musicians—These students use their gifts and talents to enhance and support our common worship
  4. Lectors – Proclaim the Word of God from the sacred scripture.
  5. Sacristans – These students work "behind the scenes" to prepare for the celebrations. They arrange the altar, lectern, and tables, and help decorate the Church or Gym for the service.

Weekly Liturgy

Students, faculty and staff are invited to the celebration of the Eucharist each Tuesday at 8AM in the school chapel.

Weekly Prayer for Peace

Students, faculty and staff are invited to gather for Morning Prayer on Thursdays from 7:45 AM-8:00 AM in the school chapel.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered during the school day in the seasons of Advent and Lent. In addition, the sacrament is available upon request.

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